Thursday, November 04, 2010

moved again

my wordpress blog moved to

There is a very high possibility I'll be deleting this blog in the coming months. Thanks for reading along with me, you can continue to do so at the new place.


Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok, I'm officially moving! And after a few weeks, Moving day is here.

Well, not me, but my blog.

All future posts will be at

I am making the switch to word press because I think it will be a better longterm home for my blog. I also think that as I learn more code, I will have a greater abililty to practice and put it to use over there.

As always will take you to the right spot as well. See you at word press!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who is Simeon Hobbes? New LOST ARG?

Ok, here's the thing, there may or may not be a new LOST ARG in the works.

Apparently, someone named "Simeon Hobbes" joined twitter on Friday. They started following a few of the already well established LOST twitterers. @simeonhobbes has been posting cryptic LOST related tweets. BUT here is the kicker. There is now a You Tube video out titled "Who is Simeon Hobbes" and its put up by "ThelostExperience" which was the first LOST ARG. Because it now has the lost experience you tube channel backing, its practically confirmed that it's a new ARG.

Ok, so if you watch the video and read the comments, there is some morris code that is translated. Talking about the Bennu bird which is apparently the Egyptian version of the Phenix. Simeon Hobbs tweeted about "following the Phoenix" about an hour ago, So I searched Twitter and came across @epithetalpha. The only tweet from Epithet Alpha is "I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat." (Mythology, Egyptian or otherwise has been a large part of LOST). SO, I started following. No one else is. It could be a hoax, or I might just be the first one to get there. We'll see.

***UPDATE*** If Simeon Hobbes is "real" than so is Epithet Alpha. Simeon Hobbes just tweeted @debauslaugh Phoenix found. YEAH! I actually got to play a part!!!

***UPDATE #2****
Ok, so this ARG for Lost is REAL! woohoo. And, most of the time, I am several steps behind everyone. Not this time!

The best LOST resource on the web is Lostpedia.

This is where I go to read the lastest theories. And when it comes to ARGs, I am amazed how fast they compile information. Well, I am honored to say, I got to give lostpedia a tip this afternoon on twitter, so I got a small shout out of sorts on their recent blog post. "a user" that would be me. :-)

I think my twitter followers is already increasing drastically... Looking forward to a fun ARG for the summer.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sadly, most of the photos we took were really, really blurry. (Operator Error)

Here is our view of the field from on Wed.

And here is a picture of me & the signs.

The story on the sign, Tim went to an M's game Friday in Minnesota. His sign said "Help. Mariners Fan stuck in South Dakota"
Apparently he was put on TV back home and the broadcasters loved his sign. I was hoping that because that was only five days earlier...if they saw my sign they might think it was funny. More so, I just find it amazing that one of my brothers and I attended away games for the M's in two different parts of the city within five days of each other.

Also - side note - just watch the season 5 finale for LOST. Seriously considering that this show may have a chance at overcoming the place that the West Wing holds in my mind.

LOST the M's game(s)

I went to the Mariners games yesterday and today. We lost both! On tuesday, I went by myself and really enjoyed watching the entire game. Tonight, I went with 10 other people. We had a grand time. and it went into extra innings. The M's went ahead by one run in the top of the 11th only to have Morrow come in and give up two runs. Game over. Overall, it was a fantastic game, although it broke my heart in the end.

I had a sign that didn't make much sense to most people. And I don't think anyone back home got to see it.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. And explain the sign.

Also - tonight was the season finale for LOST. So if you know me at all, it says a lot that I chose to go to a Mariners game. As much as I love LOST - The M's hold more sway.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Blogging up a storm!

We are under a tornado watch right now...
Anyway, I wanted to give a penny update.  As of today - 1866 Pennies have found a loving home at "Pennies for Debra."

Also for our daily trivia game at work, I started out quite dismally with an 0-4 record. Finally on the fifth day I got one right.  Before this week began, I was still at a sorry 2-5 record.

I am happy to announce that I had an amazing 5 for 5 record this week!  The best of all participants. So my running record is now 7-5.  I have to be honest, I was a little nervous and feeling the pressure heading into today's question.  One other individual was also 4 for 4 before today's question, but he did not get it right today.  We play in two week segments (after two weeks, the scores are wiped back to zero), so next week, I will be trying to stay ahead and add to my one point lead heading into next Friday.

There is a ministry here in the DFW area that has put together an amazing website that in simplest form - has people telling their stories.  Their salvation narrative.  How life was empty or they struggle (in both past and presence tense) with a wide range of issue from drugs and alcohol, to eating disorders, pride, and perfectionism.  Some faces and names you will recognize. Others you will not. But without a doubt, you will be touched and you will find someone's story that touches the heart of your story.  Are you second?

Star Trek!

I'm going to go see Star Trek tomorrow - woo hoo for super cheep matinee showings!  I am very much looking forward to it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

What are you?

Thanks to TechHermit for the interesting post about types of people online.

In an extremely simplified explination, there people interact differently online as far as social-networking/emerging technology goes.
Some sit on the sidelines and don't participate, others are actively observing, and others are creating what is being consumed.

For a pictoral representation of the catagories, check out the  The Social Technographics Ladder here.
And then... Take this quiz to see what you are.

Are you a:
Creator, Critic, Collector, Joiner, Spectator, or Inactive?

(can you guess what I am??? --- hehe the fact that I have a blog practically gives me away: "As a creator, you join an elite 18% of the US online population.")

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another "what did you see" commercial on ABC

So the "Flash Forward" viral commericals continue during LOST. Actually, I only caught one, but part of the time the tv signal blinked out, so I may have missed some. It looks like they put up several images. The only one I was able to see & remember was a dog.

I googled "What did you see" and the very first site was:

What Did You See?
With the following tag: Help Put the Pieces Together.

My first post on the subject is here.